Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Apprentice Corporate Team Building Activity in Calgary

Good Morning from Calgary! This is event coordinator, Esther with another corporate event update.

We were at the Calgary Winter Club earlier this week with a group of legal practitioners who are participating in a surprise Apprentice Bike Build Event. It was an early Morning start so I was delighted to see how quickly the teams dove in. They were a very focused group and they concentrated on the details of their budgets, time constraints and rules.  It didn’t take long for the team’s steward to get busy either as teams vie for that coveted bike part. There was little team sabotages but a lot of thinking beyond the creative constraints we put in to play. And as a result we saw forges in the recycling and even a few interactions with the venue’s front desk receptions as teams ask to borrow tapes, scissors and other office materials from them. The result was a wide range of themed bikes. One’s focused in safety features, accessibility and even a few that were magically transformed into animals, thanks to the wonder of cardboard. Representatives from Calgary’s Children Cottage were there to help us with the judging process and to roll those awesome bikes away to deserving homes. That concludes another entertaining and rewarding apprentice event with Canadian Outback Adventures and Events.

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Have a great day!

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