Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Apprentice Corporate Team Building Activity in Ottawa

Hi there! Shannon here with another corporate event update from Canadian Outback Adventures & Events.

Today we had an Apprentice in Ottawa, Canada. This event was one in a series of 3 Apprentices. The client decided to run the same event for their Mississauga, Montreal and Ottawa offices, all within 1 week of each other. The Ottawa Apprentice was the smallest of the three with about 25 people participating. The event took place inside their office, or more specifically, their training center. It was a quiet start, but like they always do, participants’ competitive streaks came out full flourish and soon the room was filled with ideas, laughs, and creativity. At the conclusion of this morning, a few participants stated that it was great to know that they were taking time out of their work day to do something to help kids who really needed it. The Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa took inspiration from our donation and is now planning a “Bike the Canal Day” with their kids. Overall it was a great morning at the capitol.

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