Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Apprentice - Corporate Team Building Activity in Winnipeg

It’s Dolena from Canadian Outback Adventures & Events with another corporate event update.

We were in Winnipeg on March 10th where we worked with a local company who participated in the Apprentice. This is a special group of people because they were all managers coming together from different parts of northern Canada. They were from the Northwest Territories as well as Nunavut. This group was very excited about this event because they were donating these children’s bikes to deserving children in their communities that are in very remote locations and normally don’t have access to these types of materials. So it was really fun and really motivated the groups to do a good job. The group had a lot of fun, they worked with their peers and they demonstrated really strong teamwork and they had great time management. They built these bikes so quick, decorated them and it gave them a lot of time to come up with creative presentations. They were dancing and there was story telling and singing and acting, it was definitely the highlight. The group had a lot of laughs and a really fun time with the presentations in the end. People got out of their comfort zones and really made it fun and exciting.

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