Saturday, February 22, 2014

Another Great Corporate Team Building Activity in Vancouver - The Amazing Chase

Hi this is Jill with another corporate event update.

It is February 17th here in Vancouver, BC and we have just completed an Amazing Chase event for a local travel company. So they had come in, this is their first time working with us and they’re really excited to have an event that would be able to get all their new teammates working together, so their company had just gone through major re-org and they had a lot of different employees that have never worked together before or work in a contract basis, they didn’t do a lot of face to face interactions with their colleagues. So really excited to be able to get in some team building as part of their meetings and have this as the big kick off. Really small group, only 12 people, we have 3 teams of 4 getting out there into the different activities and challenges in the event, and they just had such a blast. This group really went to town on the different challenges and by far, my favourite when I was out there, seeing all the teams in action was a random act of craziness and kindness. So the teams, for the random act of kindness portion of the challenge, one of them decided to sing ”Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star” for a little girl who, at first was super shy and didn’t want to interact with the team but after some encouragement with mom they ended up singing her favourite song and she was very adorable and loved the team by the end of it, which was really awesome, some good warm fuzzies there.  The client was really happy with the event and we met all their expectations, they really enjoyed the fact that teams were able to be competitive but still encourage to work together in different dynamic challenges to get their teammates talking and learning a little bit about each other, as well as how they work together, which was fantastic.

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