Saturday, September 6, 2014

Amazing Chase Corporate Team Building Activity in Edmonton

Good morning! This is event coordinator Esther with another Canadian Outback Adventures & Events update.

Recently I was up in Edmonton running an Amazing Chase for a small group of accounting and advisory professionals. Starting in the Northwest - downtown core, teams raced along a 5 kilometre course, competing in a variety of challenges, including 6 degrees of separation, an art challenge and a cowboy themed shoot-em up before getting a rest from their feet as their mystery vehicle whisked them across town to other Edmonton’s famous attractions where there were some more interactive challenges awaiting for them. They built up their thirst for the final stop, which was great, because I was there with a refreshing beer taste test challenge for them. There were some fantastic surprises provided by the client, including our coveted COAE medals, gift certificates, golf bags, and the winning team won 500 dollars to give to a charity of their choice. They all ended with a barbecue and drinks, sharing stories, this will definitely be a memorable day for this group.

If you’d like to find out about this or any of our fantastic team building exercises, please visit our website at Bye for now!

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