Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Minute to Win It - Corporate Team Building Activity in Winnipeg

It’s Dolena here with another corporate event update.

We are in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the Delta hotel where we hosted the very fun and exciting event – Minute to Win It. This group of 20 were mostly men who were hands on and active. Most of them have met before, but they’re from all over Canada. This event was the topper to their day from an annual meeting. They wanted to book an event that would get people moving and laughing and Minute to Win It did exactly just that for them. Everyone was completely dedicated to the challenges and showed great participation, teamwork and there was definitely a little bit of a competitive edge. Everyone laughed so hard, especially during some of their really funny challenges like “Head Banggers” , “Zero Gravity”, and “Face the Cookie”. We had to keep an extra eye on this group a little bit for some friendly cheating but it was all in good fun. Everyone had a great laugh and demonstrated solid team work and strong communication.

If you’d like to book a fun and exciting team building experience like this one, please visit our website or talk to one of our event solutions experts, they’d be more than happy to help you.

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