Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Amazing Chase - Corporate Team Building Activity in Toronto

It’s Dolena from Canadian Outback Adventures & Events here with another corporate event update.

Today we are in downtown Toronto with 25 participants from a local estate owner company. This group had loads of fun participating in their very own – Custom Amazing Chase. By customizing the course, the route allowed participants from France, England and the States, and all over Canada the chance to visit specific assets their company owns. We started at the bottom of Yonge street and worked our way up all the way to Blorr. The TTC was used in this chase so the teams could cover more ground and the teams were filled with high energy and loved being able to step outside and away from their meetings to have some fun in the beautiful weather. Some of the team’s favourite challenges were building a team pyramid and untangling themselves from the human knot. It was pretty funny. There were lots of laughs that were shared and memories that were made.

If you’d like to plan a fun team building event like this one, please visit our website and talk to one of our event solutions experts. They would love to hear from you. 

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