Thursday, June 25, 2015

Urban Olympics - Corporate Team Building Activity in Toronto Island

Hey there! It’s Dolena with another corporate event update from Canadian Outback Adventures & Events.

Today we are running Urban Olympics on the beautiful Toronto Island. This group of 20 from a local software company were excited and eager to get the games started. The scavenger hunt style event had the participants split into teams and locate a variety of challenges located throughout the island using a passport book. It was critical for the teams to strategize together because each challenge had different point values – bronze being the least and gold being the most. This group proved to be very competitive as they literally ran all over the island, we had 2 teams even complete all 13 challenges. This being more of a physical event, some of the favourite activities were the “Shot-put challenge” and the “Rhythmic Gymnastics routine” which was just hilarious to watch and participate in. Everyone had loads of fun and really got to know some of their colleagues that they don’t get the chance to work with at the office. They earned a restful dinner on the island before they ferried back to the big city.

If you’d like to plan a fun team building experience like this one, please visit our website and talk with one of our events solutions experts, they would be happy to help.

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