Friday, July 10, 2015

Corporate Castaways - Corporate Team Building Activity in Quebec

It’s Dolena here with another corporate event update from Canadian Outback Adventures & Events.

Today we are in gorgeous St Sauveur, Quebec, running a Corporate Castaways for a national real estate company. Around 100 people participated in this fun, survivor themed activity and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. We had teams of 7 or 8, trying to survive elimination. We started things off with having each team get face painted up and create team flags, then it was time for the challenges. One of the group’s favourite challenges was “Triage” where teams had to build a triangular stretcher and transport 4 team mates to their safe zone, while also completing a large SOS puzzle. Some other awesome activities were “Blind leading the blind”, “Jumbled” and “Tuckered out”. These challenges tested the team’s abilities to strategize, trust one another and think outside of the box. Everyone had so much fun and they just loved this activity. It really was a great day in the hot sun and everyone also got the chance to cool off by going down the venue's 100 foot water slide, so that was a great topper to the day.

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