Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wild Goose Chase - Corporate Team Building Activity in Montreal

It’s Dolena from Canadian Outback Adventures & Events here with another corporate event update.

We are in beautiful Old Montreal today and the sun is shining and this national technology company had a blast participating in their very own Wild Goose Chase. This group of 50 made their way around the area, completing photo challenges through our Canadian Outback app. This group had ten custom challenges created that have the participants find specific buildings or monuments in Old Montreal. This was a great way to show those who aren’t from the area what this great city has to offer. Some of the other challenges included the teams having to find a couple who’s been married for 40 plus years and take a photo of them kissing, and taking photos of team members standing under a light bulb as they came up with great ideas. Everyone had a blast and was pretty competitive. They all had a chance to meet some of their colleagues that they don’t normally work with and it was also a great topper to a day that was filled with meetings.

If you'd like to plan a unique team building experience like this one, please visit our website and contact one of our event solutions experts. They would love to hear from you.

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