Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Apprentice - Corporate Team Building Activity in Markham

It’s Dolena from Canadian Outback Adventures & Events with another corporate event update.

Today we are in Markham, working with a project consultant company. Today, this group of 12 participated in the Apprentice. Half the group was made up of the company’s clients from all over the world. We had people from Belgium, Germany, and parts in Asia. This was a wonderful opportunity for the company to bond with their clients while also showcasing the company’s values in giving back to the community. Since the bikes were being donated to a local children’s organization. Everyone had so much fun working together in their teams. Everyone’s creative side came out and it clearly showed in the decorations and especially in their presentations. My cheeks were sore from laughing so much, it was just hilarious. We had teams singing, dancing, acting, they even made a rap. It was such a good time. This group really embraced the challenges and also came up with some creative negotiating tactics when purchasing tools from our Apprentice store to build their bikes. Overall, it was a great day.

If you would like to have your team give back to the community in a fun way like this, please visit our website and speak with one of our trusted events solutions experts. They’re waiting for your call.

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Check out our Apprentice event video

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