Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Minute To Win It - Corporate Team Building Activity in King City

Hi everyone, this is Nick with Canadian Outback Adventures & Events with another corporate team building event update.

Today we are at a conference center in King City, where we hosted a group of over 50 strategic and highly competitive pharmaceutical professionals. Our Minute To Win It challenge was a great way to kick off their conference and break the ice on day one. Participants got to run through 12 different challenges that let everyone get involved and show their unique strengths. We got a chance to see everyone’s inner animal in “Elephant March”, their balancing capabilities with “Johnny Apple Stack”, and their muscle control in “Face the Cookie”, just to name a few of the wacky skills this event tests. All of our Minute To Win It games are exciting and dynamic, pulling out the inner child of each and every participant. Competition was stiff today, but it was definitely light hearted, fun and often times hilarious. You’ll never know what kind of secret skills and talents your co-workers are hiding.

If you would like to book an exciting event like this for you and your corporate group, contact us online at www.canadianoutback.com

Check out our Minute To Win it event video

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