Monday, December 14, 2015

The Apprentice - Corporate Team Building Activity in Mississauga

It’s Dolena from Canadian Outback Adventures & Events with another corporate event update.

Today we are in Mississauga with a local product manufacturing company. We worked with a group of 20 who was very excited to participate in The Apprentice. We split everyone into 4 teams and I have to say, this group really captured the big picture with this event. Everyone was extremely motivated to do a great job with their bikes because they were being donated to a local children’s charity organization. That aspect alone brought so much energy and positivity to the event. With this group, being the marketing department at their company, the pitches reached a new level of creativity. We had some groups dressed up and act like children for their pitch. We had a very detailed role out plan to get the bikes on the market and also had an extremely touching presentation about you remembering your very first bike, but the winning team had the pitch where they had the whole room dancing into the song “Barbie Girl”. The dedication this group had in building, decorating and pitching their bikes was outstanding. They all demonstrated phenomenal team work, strategy and executed exceptional negotiating skills to acquire the tools they needed.

If you’re interested in a hands-on team building event like this one during your next meeting, visit our website and contact one of our event solutions experts. We look forward to working with you.

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