Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Minute To Win It - Corporate Team Building Activity in Mississauga

Hi everyone, it’s Dolena here from Canadian Outback Adventures & Events, ready with another corporate update.

We are in Mississauga this evening with a large marketing company competing with one of my favorite events – Minute To Win It. They had a large group of 100 sales and marketing reps who have lots of energy and outstanding team spirit. This group was very competitive, which made the event so much more high energy and fun. I would say they were competitive to the point where they started playing very creatively to try and score more points. It was all in good fun and our Canadian Outback staff had a blast working with this group. Some of the crowd favorite challenges were “On the rebound” and “Suck It Up”. We finished the event with “Chip Flip” where one representative from each team had to stay in the round to earn more points by flipping poker chips from their elbow to their hand. This was a blast because it was do or die and head to head. Overall, this group loved the event and it was the perfect way to end the long day of meetings.

If you’d like to plan a high energy and fun event like this one at your next meeting, please visit our website and speak with one of our event solution experts. They have great ideas waiting for you.

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