Monday, May 5, 2014

Cake Creators Corporate Team Building Activity in Lake Louis

This is Kirsten from Canadian Outback Adventures & Events with another corporate event update.

It’s the beginning of June and summer is starting up in Alberta. Our latest event took us out to the beautiful Fairmont Chateau, Lake Louis, where a large group of Travel Industry affiliates took part in a Cake Creators Challenge. This 2 hour event had people from all different companies and suppliers competing to create the best of the best in the cake creating world. As their conference was about branding, this group was tasked with creating cakes based on fictitious travel companies. The group got creative with company names such as Moose Tracks Travel, Casino Royale Travel, and Monkey See Monkey Do Travel. The bigwigs of this event were the judges and we saw lots of bribery, including drinks and hundred dollar bills. In the end, I think these travel professionals should change their career path to cake creating extraordinaires.

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