Friday, May 16, 2014

Crime Investigators Corporate Team Building Activity in Toronto

Marybeth from Canadian Outback Adventures & Events with another corporate event update.

We were at the beautiful, secluded Millcroft Inn & Spa with one of our repeat clients. A crime was committed in the area and this multinational food manufacturing company was asked to assist in the investigation. The group was placed into a specialized CSI teams and had a great time getting outside, visiting the crime scenes, collecting evidence and having fun letting loose with their co-workers. In addition to the crime scene locations, an informant was spotted in the bar area. Teams had to covertly approach and pay the informant for important information. Thanks to this group of hard working individuals, the crime was solved, despite one team’s playful nature tampering with the evidence to trick the other teams.

Canadian Outback Adventures and Events’ Crime Investigators is a great event for your participants to work together, get outside of their job title, as well as take a break from their meetings, letting loose and enjoying a few laughs and sharing some stories.

If you’d like to plan a fantastic experience for your team, check us out online at and contact my awesome team.

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