Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CSI: Crime Investigators Corporate Team Building Event in Regina

Hi, this is Jill with another corporate event update.

It is March 20th and we’re here in Regina, Saskatchewan. We’ve just completed a CSI – Crime Investigators event for a local power company. These guys have never done a team building event with us before, so they’re really excited to do something different, outside the norm of what normal team building is. We thought the CSI would be a perfect fit, they have a group that’s high intellectuals, loved the small detail oriented tasks, so the CSI was such a great event for them to be able to complete as their first team building event. We were able to utilize a lot of space in the hotel they were doing their meetings at, which is a beautiful hotel Regina, Saskatchewan, beautiful, old hotel that had a lot of great character to it, so it really enhanced the crime scenes that teams are going around to. It was snowing today, which added for an extra element. The crime scene, the main crime scene with the blood, really stuck out with our car crime scene with the white snow and the deep red blood, which was kind of an extra visual element that teams really loved, made it extra authentic which everyone really thought was super neat. There’s lots of good comments coming back after that challenge with all the different “oohs” and “ahhs” about the crime scene and how bloody it was. These guys had a really fantastic closing speech for their different media briefings that they completed as one of their challenges. It was really fun to see how, throughout an entire group, each team always comes up with something different to have and present. So it’s really awesome for, both myself and my team, to be able to see just the different dynamics of the group coming together and how they all approached the event and solving the crime scene in different ways, so a big highlight there for me. The client was extremely happy with the event, we’ve already talked about doing potentially an Apprentice or Cake Creators for them in the future. They really loved those indoor creative events so, hopefully we’ll be doing those again with them soon and looking forward to another great event.

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