Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Amazing Chase Corporate Team Building Event in Edmonton, Alberta

Hi, this is Jill with another corporate event update.

We are here at Edmonton, Alberta, it’s March 18th and we have just completed an Amazing Chase for a local construction company. So these guys really wanted something that would kick off their first team building event with us with a bang, so they chose the Amazing Chase, one of our classics, they were really excited to have different challenges to take them around the city. They are all locals but they are interested in finding some of those hidden gems of the city that people may not always know about, so we made sure to highlight some of those for them throughout the event course. There is a lot of really great team competitiveness with this group. There is some subtle sabotage at some point which was fun to see, all in the good spirit of competition though, everyone still had a great time. There was good energy amongst all of the teams. Probably the highlight of this event was our Tai Chi challenge. There is just some really great photos that came out of this event, people really took it to a whole new level with the different routines we gave them and they got very in to the challenge, which we loved to see, people taking what we give them and putting it out to the next level. There’s lots of smiles and laughs coming back to the finish of the event and everyone seem to have such a great time which we really enjoy and our staff just loved interacting with this group while out on course. Client was really happy with the event and met all of their expectations and they’re looking forward to do some different events with us in the future as they are really trying to incorporate team building into their new business model, which is really exciting to see and looking forward to doing some more events with them in the future.

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