Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wild Goose Chase Corporate Team Building Event in Whistler

Hi, this is Jill with another corporate event update.

It is March 12 and we are up here in beautiful Whistler, BC. We’ve just completed a Wild Goose Chase event for a local tech company that had brought in all of their sales managers from across North America to Whistler for a retreat. They wanted to do the Wild Goose Chase event because they really love the tech aspect of it, as well as the different highlighted areas that we could send them to different tourist locations with this activity. They really enjoyed the ability for people to play at their leisure, wander around the Whistler village area, do some fun challenges and get some really great photos out of it. So we came up with a couple of custom challenges and landmarks for this group so they were able to really hit some of the key highlights of the Whistler village area and some of the fantastic tourist attractions that the area has to offer, and there are just some really great photos that came out of this group’s event. They really enjoyed to themselves and there are some fantastic creativity and some really good team play between the different teams. There’s some competitive team sabotage going on which was really fun to see. Everyone came back with great spirits and had some really fantastic and entertaining stories to share with the entire group. Share those stories over a couple of cold beer afterwards, which everyone really enjoyed at one of the local pubs here in Whistler and there was just a great spirit, everyone had a fantastic time and really enjoyed themselves. The client was really pleased how the event turned out. So it’s always great for us to see that and have those high energy people on our events to really make it memorable for everyone.

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